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How To Deal With Aggressive Opponents – Ask the 888poker Pros

Poker Gossip & Opinion - Charles - December 7, 2022

The first thing you need to know is that this article isn’t about how to deal with aggressive opponents.  It’s not even about losing to them. There are many ways of dealing with losing to an opponent. The problem here lies in the fact that, for some reason, you don’t want to lose to your opponent.

If you think that I’m talking about poker players who have a very high win rate and are more interested in winning than they are in playing the game, then you are absolutely right. This kind of player can be annoying because he/she doesn’t care much about their losing streak as long as his/her winnings are still there.  But when it comes to other types of players, it’s different. They do care about their losses; they just don’t like losing against the same opponent. 

It’s a little bit embarrassing to admit but we all feel this way sometimes. We’d rather play one hand against another person instead of facing our own weakness. 

This is why you will see many players avoid playing online tournaments or playing games where they have a chance to face their opponents again (e.g. Blackjack). If you really want to get rid of this feeling, you should try to understand what makes these players so aggressive. 

Understanding Why Some Players Are So Aggressive

There are several reasons why people become so aggressive once they start losing. Here are the most common ones:

  1. You’re getting tired of losing

When you keep losing, you eventually stop caring about every part of the game. You stop thinking about betting strategies, you forget about basic math calculations, and you simply don’t give a damn about anything anymore. 

Eventually, you just stop caring about the game at all and become a robot-like opponent. If you continue doing this, you’ll find yourself losing even faster than before. Once you go through this phase, you’ll never come back from it. 

  1. You’re afraid of losing big time

Many aggressive players have a fear of losing big time. When your bankroll gets smaller and smaller, you start fearing that you won’t be able to pay the rent next month. 

You start worrying about the bills, food, etc. You start doubting that everything is going to be fine and you start becoming nervous. 

So you start trying to win almost every single hand you play. You’ll bet more money on every pot and hope that you’ll end up winning. But you won’t succeed and you end up losing even bigger than before. 

  1. You’re afraid of being embarrassed

Losing is always embarrassing. No matter how big the amount is, it’s always humiliating. 

For example, let’s say you’ve lost $100,000 in the past two days. You’ve spent half of it on gambling and now you need to ask your friends for help. 

You’ll have to explain to them exactly why you’re bankrupted and what happened. And while you’re explaining, they’ll probably start laughing at you. After all, you’re the guy who gambled away $100k in the past two days. You’re the guy who doesn’t care about anything except for gambling!

  1. You’re angry at yourself

Even if you’re not the type of person who blames others for his failures, it’s still possible that you’ll blame yourself for your losses. You might even believe that you were unlucky enough to get into a bad situation. 

But deep down inside, you know that you could have avoided this situation by paying attention to your mistakes. 

  1. Your subconscious mind is making you lose

Your subconscious mind is actually controlling everything you do. Many people think that they control themselves, but the truth is that they don’t. Their subconscious mind does it for them. 

Once you realize this, you’ll begin to realize that you’re being controlled by your subconscious mind. 

And guess what? Your subconscious mind wants you to lose. 

  1. You’re frustrated with your life

Some people feel that they haven’t accomplished anything in life. They don’t feel fulfilled in any way. 

They often feel miserable and depressed. 

So, in order to make themselves feel better, they gamble all the money they have. 

  1. You’re addicted to gambling

Many people who suffer from addiction problems also tend to become super aggressive opponents. 

Their addiction is causing them to lose money at an insane speed. As a result, they lose more money and feel even worse. 

  1. You’re afraid of success

Sometimes, we have to work really hard at something. We put all our energy and focus into studying, practicing, training, and working. 

We spend years and years learning new skills and improving ourselves. 

After all this effort, we finally reach our goals. We achieve what we set out to achieve. 

As a result, we feel great and proud of ourselves. 

But when we’re no longer in the middle of our journey, we suddenly remember all those hours spent practicing and all those sleepless nights we had while preparing for the exam. 

We start having doubts about whether we actually deserved our success. 

This is why sometimes, we prefer to play against someone else who hasn’t achieved anything yet. 

Now that you know some of the reasons behind why some players become so aggressive after losing, you should try to understand them. 

Once you understand these reasons, you’ll be able to analyze your own behavior and tell whether you’re being too aggressive or not. 

What To Do When You Face An Aggressive Player

In case you’re still confused about how to deal with your aggressive opponents, here’s the best solution: get ready for the inevitable. 

Here’s how to beat them without giving them the satisfaction of beating you:

  1. Don’t react to them.

Don’t get mad at your opponent or insult him/her. Don’t yell at him/her or threaten him/her. Just stay calm and quiet. 

Remember, you don’t have to prove your dominance to your opponent. He/She won’t respect you if you act like a bully. 

  1. Tell them that you’re sorry.

If you want to show humility, you should apologize to your opponent. 

Tell them that you’re sorry and that you wish you hadn’t done that. 

Do this only if you genuinely mean it. Don’t fake it if you’re not sure you’re sincere. 

  1. Avoid telling them about your losses.

Don’t tell your opponent that you lost a lot of money. 

Instead, tell him/her that you’re happy that you got to play the game today. Also mention your good luck. 

By saying that you’re lucky, you’re letting your opponent know that you respect him/her. You’re showing that you’re a nice person who has nothing against anyone. 

Besides, if you start complaining about your losses, you’re only confirming your opponent’s point that you’re an arrogant person who doesn’t value himself/herself enough. 

  1. Don’t bet more than necessary.

Always play conservatively. Try to bet the minimum required amount. </

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